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About us

Do you like socks? Do you have a lot of pairs, all of them matching different clothes? If you are a fan of socks, then you should definitely buy the weed ones. They are just amazing and you will definitely love them. Can be found in different colors and they have the same design, the weed on them. If you have been wondering about the real meaning behind this weed leaves, this article will reveal you the truth.

The real meaning behind the weed socks and some interesting facts about the brand and the company

The founder of this brand is Keith Hufnagel and it was launched in 2002. He says that at the beginning of the creation of his brand, the line was very short in the shops, so he decided to add some weed leaves on them. He wasn’t making socks at that time, but the idea having weed leaves was widely accepted by everyone and they have decided to go with that concept. It was funny at the beginning to see the production of all those weed socks, in different colors. The founder says that it provides a topic of conversation so when you take off your shoes in someone’s house, you will instantly start talking about the socks.

The brand that started as a small and simple idea now is conquering the world. The socks didn’t sell well at the beginning, and when the magazine “Paper” was giving a page dedicated to the weed socks, it took years before the design took off.

What is the production of HUF and who made these socks??

The production includes a lot of products like bottoms, boxers, jackets, hats, fleece, accessories, beanies, bags, socks and many more, but the Plantlife socks are the main brand of it. You can purchase them literally for every holiday, like for example for Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and many more. The brand made and preserved the simple design of the socks in order to remain recognizable by the customers and because the people who were working at the company at that time liked the design and wanted it to be forever in the clothing industry.

What is the symbolism?

The symbolism of the socks sometimes is connected and associated with the rebellion because the company itself is a skateboard company that always was edgy, so they used the marijuana leaves in order to make the design edgy and they succeeded in it. In that time the weed was not legalized everywhere, so they decided to put it on the socks. It was definitely a good fit for the HUF brand. These were the reasons so the company continues making and keeping the production of the socks, so within years the brand turned into a huge hit and the main peak they had it in 2011 and 2012. Since then, these weed socks are very popular and trendy.

Are the socks products of good quality?

Definitely yes. They are products of excellent quality and are tried and tested item that was worn by the major population. It is universal brand that represents a gateway drug, while the others think it is a brand that is just making the socks.

What is the future of the socks?

Some people may think that it is a bad brand and that the company is having bad press, but the owner and the company are not concerned about that. These weed socks are not allowed in the highs schools, so the students must not wear them in any conditions. This is considered as an advantage of the company, because the high school students these days do exactly the opposite from what is told to them. Is the future of the weed socks depending on the high school students? Definitely not, because there are a lot more people in the world that love the designs and are ordering pairs every day. So the future of the socks will definitely be bright.

Are the socks expensive?

They are not expensive and can be afforded by anyone. You can find them in different sizes, short or long, black or white. You can get yourself a pair or two.

What are the plans of the company?

The plans are to increase the production and continue with the sale of the socks. They have lasted so long not because of people, but because they have eternal and unique design.

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